Daily Archives: May 11, 2022

Upcoming Events

Children’s Chapel next week – Younger – Kelly B. & Heather A. — Older – Chrystin – Nursery- Kellie C.

Wednesday night: Saw You At the Pole event for teens. Regular KFC for pre-K through 5th grade. Vans will NOT run.

Thursday is our turn to provide lunch for Arkadelphia MBSF. See Sherry Mooney to contribute.

Friday ladies’ lunch at noon at Charlotte Shoptaw’s home. Salads are the menu.

Baptism service scheduled for Sunday morning.

Special offering for ABA missions is set for November 5.

December 3-Building fund offering

Below is a link to a virtual walk through of our planned new facility

Walk_Sweet_Homes.mp4 (dropbox.com)


There are envelopes available in the foyer to donate to our building project. If all envelopes are used, that will be $68,500 toward our $300,000 goal.

Drawings of the building addition proposal are available in the foyer. They are by no means final. Please look them over and let our committee know what you think

Talk to our remodel team with ideas, questions or suggestions about fellowship hall and youth facility changes. Beau Fulcher, Scott Hollinger, Clayton Wilson, Camron Hurst and Jeff Goodman are the guys to see.