Christmas Angels

 God sends His Christmas Angels to help us every day.
  We may not recognize them, but they come anyway.
  Our first one was our Mother, who held us when quite small,
  Or a loving, caring Father who came when we would call.
  Perhaps one was a teacher who taught us how to read,
  Or one who showed some kindness to see us through a need.
  An angel is a neighbor who brings a loaf of bread
  When illness has invaded and sent us to our bed.
  Friends who lift our spirits are angels in disguise.
  They have transforming power not seen by earthly eyes.
  Some simple form of service, a cup of Christmas Cheer,
  May be brought by an angel that we know as someone dear.
  God, help us to be angels to other folks we meet.
  And let us lift the burdens of those along our street.
  Please give us faith and courage to lend a helping hand,
  Assisting Christmas Angels to spread love throughout our land.

 copyright 2000 Nona Kelley Carver