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** updated on May 30, 2024**

Needs for the May 19 KFC program:
1.Brown boxes like Amazon uses. The boxes will be used to build a wall during the program and will be carried by the children so should be a manageable size, such as boot box size. Not all boxes will be the same so many sizes will be usable. We need about 100 boxes.
2. Safety vests like construction workers wear (not orange hunters’ vest, but the bright yellow/chartreuse color)-To borrow
3. Construction hard hats-To borrow

Help is needed in Children’s Chapel and Nursery. More workers are needed so the times workers spend out of our regular services are farther between. Please prayerfully consider this ministry. See Shanna Hurst for more information.

Coming up:

VBS preparations will be going on at the church this week.  Every day including today through Saturday beginning at 9:00 AM.  Everyone welcome and invited to come and pitch in.  Volunteers still needed for VBS.

Door greeters needed. See Harold Holiman

Nursery and Children’s Chapel workers needed. See Shanna

Let’s Go Fishing!  — Interest has been expressed in a Sweet Home Fishing Derby followed by a fellowship. See Bro. Neal for more information.

Children’s Chapel
Younger – Heather A. and Peyton
Older – Chrystin
Nursery – Angela C.


Below is a link to a virtual walk through of our planned new facility

Walk_Sweet_Homes.mp4 (dropbox.com)


There are envelopes available in the foyer to donate to our building project. If all envelopes are used, that will be $68,500 toward our $300,000 goal.

Drawings of the building addition proposal are available in the foyer. They are by no means final. Please look them over and let our committee know what you think

Talk to our remodel team with ideas, questions or suggestions about fellowship hall and youth facility changes. Beau Fulcher, Scott Hollinger, Clayton Wilson, Camron Hurst and Jeff Goodman are the guys to see. 

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