Grandma Bible


Grandma’s Bible was her guide through a sometimes stormy life.
She received it as a wedding gift when Grandpa took her for his wife.
It’s pages told of a loving Lord, who would lead her all the way,
And assured her that when the path seemed dim, God would guide her every day.


She would take it down from its wooden shelf when sorrow or worry pressed.
Sometimes she shared from its printed page with a weary and travel worn guest.
It spoke of love and a deep sense of peace for all who would believe,
And it gave her joy when she read it’s truth and a blessing she’d receive.


She sang from its Psalms when her babies came, and lifted her heart in praise
To the one who had given her bundles of love to cheer her throughout her days.
She read with her man from its bountiful store.  Of its wisdom they freely
It sustained them through trials and troubles sore, assuring them God always


She found it a guide as her children grew and searched for a life of their
And she gave thanks each day as they found the right way when they were fully
The story of Christmas was told to each grandchild who happily sat at her
How the sweet baby Jesus was born late one night; & of shepherds and wise men


She sang of the angels and asked that they guard the little ones safe through
the day.
And she prayed every night that God in His might would direct them in the
right way.
To the small country church each Sunday she went to learn more of God’s
precious word.
And she carefully kept there close in her heart, the messages that she had


She shared with her neighbors, she gave to her friends.  To give brought her
pleasure so true.
And daily, she read from God’s Holy Word, knowing He’d give her courage anew.
Yes, Grandma had lived in the way of The Lord ’til she passed through the
darkening veil.
And she left in her place the Bible she loved to guide us on each narrow

copyright 2001 Nona Kelley Carver