The Better Place


The Better Place I’m In

You don’t know it but I’m in a Better Place now.

With golden streets and happy faces.

Having singing angels sing like you do.

Magic feels the air when he comes to share the Great News.

Yes, I still think about the times we had, but I’m in a Better Place now.

I know that you miss me dearly and heartily.

But he shows me when you think of the Better Place that I’m in,  your happy sadness rains on you sometimes when you think of me. 

But I’m in a Better Place now.

Where is this Better Place?  I can’t really explain.

I know it is Heaven and my Savior is near.

But every time you read the Bible you’ll feel me around you very clear.

This is the Better Place.

If you want to see me again you better decide, come inside with me to eternity with Christ.

Or do you want to live with the devil and PAY THE PRICE.

The only thing you need to do to get to this Better Place is to ask Jesus in your Heart and he will be there to stay.

And when you die and come to Heaven you will know why you got to come to the Better Place that I’m in Now.

By   Rebecca Joyce Gatlin    (13 yrs old)

66           In Memory of Heath Dorey!!  11-30-03