Skunk in Church Well


A skunk fell in the window well down at the local church.

The unsuspecting Trustee Board quite soon began to search

For ways to get the critter out before he chanced to spew

The odor that would permeate.  Oh, my, what should they do?


The skunk, he was oblivious, just lay there unperturbed…

He napped, then stretched; it seemed that he wished not to be disturbed!

Now, Earl, he slipped a two by four on down into that well.

He hoped the skunk would just climb out, find somewhere else to dwell.


But Skunky Boy ignored that plan.  He simply didn’t think

Of all the big commotion caused should he prefer to stink.

The pastor, he got in on this and chose a wider board…

A broader path for Skunk to walk on his way heavenward.


The skunk refused this new approach.  He did prefer to stay.

His calendar had not told him that Sunday’s on the way!

What happened next, I’ll tell you folks, was not a pretty sight

A box dropped down, the skunk, he sprayed perfume with all his might!


At Sunday morning’s services, some folks were holding noses.

It’s safe to say of the whole church, it didn’t smell like roses!

The congregation came and went.  The pastor paused to pray.

He thanked the Lord that skunks don’t come to churches every day!


© 2006 Nona Kelley Carver