Prayer Requests

Sunday – August 6th – Prayer Requests & Information

Prayer Requests:

Bro. Charles Mathews is a patient at St. Vincent North Rehab.  The address there is 2201 Wildwood Avenue, Sherwood, AR 72120.

Marylin Easley will be undergoing treatment for cancer in her thyroid.  The thyroid was removed and she expects radiation therapy.

Bonnie Beckel asked that we remember her granddaughter, Ashley Helble who lives in Texas.

Jeff Goodman’s co-worker who has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Charles Buie has an appointment Thursday to schedule his radiation and chemo treatments.

Sue McCool

Karen West, sister of George and Eddie Wilson, will be having surgery

The Ernest Nichols family of Poyen

Logan Kirksey, elementary student from Poyen who is believed to be in the last stages of cancer

The Mike Stephens family

Paul Rumbaugh asked that we pray for his brother, Randy, who has been diagnosed with stage 3-4 cancer

Late notice but the ladies who lunch are meeting at the church at 11:00 to go to Hot Springs.

The ABA Ladies Retreat is September 15-16.  See Shanna for information.

It is our turn to feed Arkadelphia MBSF on September 20.

Building fund offering is October 1.

Nursery next week-Val and Sherry

Children’s Chapel next week-Shanna and Callie


Monroe Alene Beckwith has arrived safe and healthy.  Grandmother Loretta Carter reports that Gracie and Monroe are doing well and will probably be released from the hospital Sunday.

Mickey Williams, husband of Theresa Williams, has passed away.  Please remember this family in your prayers.

Sunday, March 20

Prayer Requests:

Gracie Carter Beckwith is expecting the birth of a daughter soon.  Gracie has been on bed rest for some time in an attempt to sustain the pregnancy as long as possible.

Angie Daniels is scheduled for knee surgery on April 1

Billy James Smith who has lung cancer

Mickey Williams is a patient at St. Vincent Infirmary.  He is now breathing on his own but remains on dialysis.

Ronnie Fite is at home and improving

Jackie Mosely, Marylin Easley's brother, will be having a PET scan.  Several spots in his body are suspect

Steve Bailey continues to have health issues

Carroll Forbush, Cherye Kay's father, was scheduled to see a neurosurgeon today to discuss impending brain surgery

Toni Mathews' physical therapy is progressing but is painful for her.


Gideon Bible Offering-April 3

Franklin Graham Prayer Rally-April 12 on Capital steps, LIttle Rock

Vacation Bible School will be outside this year.  This is a big undertaking and requires lots of participation.  See Jill Hurst to volunteer.  June 12-15 are the chosen dates.

Nursery next week-Sherry and Sarah

Children's Chapel next week-Jill and Chase

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

March 22-Kevin and Heather Dunn

            23-Austyn Bean

             24-Shanna Hurst

            25-Angie Daniels

                  Rachel Earnest

                  Jamie York

                  Gary Don and Marylin Easley

             26-Derendea Draper

Note:  Mrs. Jamie York will be 98 on Friday.  Lots of cards would make her day.  Her address is 187 Grant 456, Prattsville, AR 72129


Update on Mr. Forbush

Cherey Kay Forbush's father, Carroll, was diagnosed with fluid on the brain.  He will be having a shunt to drain it.  A date has not been determined.  He has other testing to be done first.  Many thanks to everyone who prayed for us and him.  We definitely felt your prayers!

Sunday, March 13

Prayer Requests:

Ronnie Fite had stents in his heart last week.  At last word, he had been moved to the step down unit at St. Vincent.

Steve Bailey is having issues with his health

Zoe Sutterfield is a patient at Arkansas Children's Hospital after brain surgery.  She is expected to make a full recovery.  Zoe is the daughter of the Goodmans former son-in-law, Chris.

The family of Sunny Kelly

Jim Moore has a doctor's appointment later this week

Victor Jordan is hospitalized.  Please remember him, Lisa, and his children, Sam and Hannah.

The Creed family as they continue to mourn the loss of Garry

Mickey Williams is hospitalized after a heart procedure last week.  He remains sedated.  Mickey is the husband of Terry Williams, the Poyen Schools librarian.

Dwight and Joyce Stuckey are having health problems

Robbie Bentley, Rick Tatum's son-in-law, has many health issues and has never made a public profession of faith

Wendy Egerdahl, Pauline and Tony Ausbrooks' daughter

Jason and Angie Holiman and their family

Barbara Walker has had additional issues after her recent heart procedure

Cherye Kay Forbush and I plan to head to Crowley, Texas, later today.  Cherye's father, Carroll, recently had an MRI of his brain and his doctors have requested the family be present for the test results tomorrow morning.  Please pray for us as we travel, Mr. Forbush, and especially Cherye Kay to have strength.


Vacation Bible School plans are underway!  Jill Hurst is directing an outdoor school this year.  This will require lots of participation and cooperation.  See Jill to volunteer.  The planned dates are June 12-15.

Saturday is the Easter Egg Hunt at the Community Center at 11:00

Also Saturday is the Critter Dinner.  There will be people at the church cooking all day.  Also, there is a work day planned for Saturday.  One project will be completion of the playground equipment.  There is no specific starting time.  Come when you can.  Supper will be at 6:00.


Nursery next week:  Shanna and Carolyn

Children's Chapel:  Marylin E.

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

March 19-Marie Buie

                  Kim Mozingo

              22-Kevin and Heather Dunn


The community Easter egg hunt has been postponed until March 19.

Tim Clement of Grapevine, father of one of Rachel Mooney's co-workers, is hospitalized after having brain surgery. 

Sunday, March 6

Prayer Requests:

The family of Neggie Heath.  Mrs. Heath was the aunt of Martha Smith and mother-in-law of Sherry Mooney's sister.

Pauline Ausbrooks is having issues with her lungs

Ronnie Fite has a doctor's appointment scheduled this week and may be having surgery later

April Earnest

Toni Mathews

Sunny Kelly is scheduled to remain in coronary intensive care for another week.  Her doctor is hopeful

Jason, Angie and Natalie are scheduled for court tomorrow at 2:00.  Please prayer for a good outcome for all involved,

Wendy Edgerdahl, the Ausbrooks' daughter, is scheduled to see a neurosurgeon about her brain tumor.

Archie Mosley, Marylin Easley's father, as well as two of her brothers are having health issues

Barbara Walker has had stents in her heart

Bennie Ray Roberts has also had stents this week

Pam Wilson has injured her knee

Kenneth Dixon's brother-in-law, Fred, has contracted an infection

Continue to remember Neal Hollinger as he begins his preaching ministry


There will be a Community Easter Egg hunt at the Community Center on Saturday at 11:00.  If it is cancelled due to weather, I will send an email as soon as I know.

We will be having our Wildlife Dinner on Saturday night at 6:00 in the Fellowship Hall.  This is also contingent on the weather as lots of the cooking is done outside.  I will email as soon as possible.

Daylight Savings time begins Sunday.  Don't forget to move your clocks forward.

Jill Hurst is directing our outdoor Bible School this year.  See her to volunteer.

Calendar:  Nursery next week-Karen and Jill

                    Children's Chapel-Whitney and Tonya

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

                   March 10-Johnnie Martin

                                14-Thelma Crutchfield

                                      Kenneth Cupit

                                      Wayne and Joy Ross