Sunday – June 4, 2017 – Prayer Requests & Information

Prayer Requests:

Mailyn Wilson and family on the death of her sister, Deborah Atwood

Ila Jordan is a patient at St. Vincent Rehab in Hot Springs

Jean Young has returned to Arbor Oaks in Malvern

Linda Womble is a patient at Arkansas Heart Hospital

Loy Clement is continuing to improve

Mike Stephens

Olivia Buie

Alvin Gatlin

Logan Kirksey

Lynda Holinger

Remember Bro Don as he preaches in revival services this week at Damascus MBC in Malvern.

Neal Hollinger will be in charge of our Wednesday night service this week.  Remember Neal as he is away from us on other preaching appointments.


VBS starts on Sunday night at 6:30.  There is still a need for one more shopkeeper.  Contact Jill Hurst to volunteer.  If you signed up to make a donation to Bible School, please have it to the church by tomorrow so that Jill can see what else is needed.

There is a list in the foyer of goods needed by the McCall family before their return to Africa.  Please have any donations to the church by July 2.


Nursery next week:  Val and Sherry

Children’s Chapel next week:  Donna and Karen

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

June 6-Anna Holiman

10- Tim Edwards

Anita Holiman

Eric and Chrystin Smith

Sunday May 28, 2017 – Prayer Requests & Information

Prayer Requests:

The Victor Jordan Family

Ila Jordan had a fall and is having lots of pain

Debbie Atwood, sister of Marilyn Wilson, is a patient in ICU at Jefferson Regional Medical Center

Pam East, friend of Marylin Easley, is a patient at UAMS

Logan Kirksey

Roy Williams, cousin of Tony Ausbrooks, has suffered a heart attack

Loy Clements

Olivia Buie, Victor’s wife

Ruby Draper, bride of Wendell Draper, has an upcoming surgery


VBS is coming up in less than two weeks.  Jill Hurst, director, is in need of more volunteers.  There is also a sheet in the foyer listing needed donations.

Our special building fund offering will be October 1.

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

June 1-Sarah Biggar

Gene Earnest

June 3-Gary and Charlotte Shoptaw

Sunday – April 30, 2017 – Prayer Requests & Announcements

Prayer Requests:

Alice Buie remains a patient at Baptist after suffering a blood clot.

Rick Tatum is at home after being a patient at Baptist and asks that we remember him in prayer.

Alvin Gatlin

Jean Young is a patient at Arbor Oaks in Malvern for therapy


VBS is scheduled for June 11-14.  Volunteer sheets are available in the foyer.  See Jill Hurst

The library is in the process of being reorganized.  Check your shelves for library books.  Donations of Christian books are welcome.  There is a bin outside Bro. Don's door for returns and donations.

Nursery next week-Jan and Sarah

Childrens Chapel next week-Marilyn Wilson

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

May 3-Greg and Tana Wright
             Tonya McDonald

        6-Angie Holiman

         7-Loy Clements

Sunday – April 23, 2017 – Prayer Requests & Information

Prayer Requests:

Jean Young is a patient at Saline

Rusty Joyner had an unspoken request

These are some others that I know of:

Marvin Roberts

Mike Stephens

Mike Pumphrey

Joy Beasley, Jerra Hollinger’s mother, has been hospitalized

Steve Bailey


VBS is coming up.  See Jill Hurst to volunteer.

We will have a guest on Sunday night.  Tammy Chastain, pianist, singer and cellist, will be with us.

Nursery Sunday-Jill H. and Shanna

Children’s Chapel Sunday-Marylin Easley

Birthdays and Anniversaries-

April 25-Marilyn Wilson

26-Marie Fite

30-April Earnest