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Calculates the value of Purchasing or selling half-points for ncaab consensus totals and NBA, NFL, NCAA Basketball, and NCAA Football spreads and totals.

Specifies the league of interest. Presently supports NFL, NBA, MLB (totals only), NCAA Basketball (‘NCAABK’), and NCAA Football (‘NCAAFB’).
Bet Type:
Specifies the sort of wager — spread (for all leagues aside from MLB) or total.
Odds Type:
Specifies either US or decimal-style chances (if odds are specified the software will normally auto-convert for you).
Enter the spread or complete (depending on the bet type). Negative amounts will be converted into positive. For pickem games, enter a zero. After this field is changed,the program will fill-in the push probabilities below using default values.
Fave/Over Price:
The money line adjustment factor for your chosen (in the case of a spread wager ) or the above (in the event of a total bet). If, for instance, the spread marketplace wereNY Jets +3.5 -120 / New England -3.5 +100, then youd input -120. Alternatively, if the entire marketplace were Over 42.5 +125 / Beneath 42.5 -145, then youd enter +125. Quite often, this amount will only be -110. Advanced usage note: If you put in a percentage inthis field, the program will convert the percentage to a zero-vig cost. By way of example, if you entered 25% in this field, the software would fill in +300 for the fave/over and -300 for its dog/under.
Dog/Under Price:
The cash line adjustment variable for the underdog (in the case of a spread bet) or the below (in the case of a total wager ). If, by way of example, the spread market have been NY Jets +3.5 -120 / New England -3.5 +100, youd enter +100. Alternatively, if thetotal market were Over 42.5 +125 / Under 42.5 -145, then youd input -145. Very frequently, this number will only be -110. Advanced usage notice: If you enter a percentage in this area, the program will convert the percentage to a zero-vig price. By way of example, in the event that you entered 66.667percent within this discipline, the program would fill in +200 for your own fave/over and -200 for its dog/under.
Clicking this button will automatically compute Costs and Edges in the segment below.

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