Sunday, March 20

Prayer Requests:

Gracie Carter Beckwith is expecting the birth of a daughter soon.  Gracie has been on bed rest for some time in an attempt to sustain the pregnancy as long as possible.

Angie Daniels is scheduled for knee surgery on April 1

Billy James Smith who has lung cancer

Mickey Williams is a patient at St. Vincent Infirmary.  He is now breathing on his own but remains on dialysis.

Ronnie Fite is at home and improving

Jackie Mosely, Marylin Easley's brother, will be having a PET scan.  Several spots in his body are suspect

Steve Bailey continues to have health issues

Carroll Forbush, Cherye Kay's father, was scheduled to see a neurosurgeon today to discuss impending brain surgery

Toni Mathews' physical therapy is progressing but is painful for her.


Gideon Bible Offering-April 3

Franklin Graham Prayer Rally-April 12 on Capital steps, LIttle Rock

Vacation Bible School will be outside this year.  This is a big undertaking and requires lots of participation.  See Jill Hurst to volunteer.  June 12-15 are the chosen dates.

Nursery next week-Sherry and Sarah

Children's Chapel next week-Jill and Chase

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

March 22-Kevin and Heather Dunn

            23-Austyn Bean

             24-Shanna Hurst

            25-Angie Daniels

                  Rachel Earnest

                  Jamie York

                  Gary Don and Marylin Easley

             26-Derendea Draper

Note:  Mrs. Jamie York will be 98 on Friday.  Lots of cards would make her day.  Her address is 187 Grant 456, Prattsville, AR 72129


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